Specializing in mineral-based supplements, Brilliant Nutrition is a direct selling company offering wellness-related products and supplements to their network of customers. They wanted to expedite their sales process and attract new customers online.


Brilliant Nutrition’s new website showcases both their company and their products. The new online store features the range of products they offer and informs visitors about the company, it’s products, contests and special events.


Keeping customers and team members informed on a regular basis, Brilliant Nutrition’s blog drives traffic to their store and increases their sales funnel.

Interface Design

The design brief called for a clean and inviting layout to appeal to health-conscious consumers who value living younger, longer.

Product Database

With custom post types in WordPress, the store’s products and supplement packs are easy to organize, update and filter.

Shopping Cart

Some functions were required to integrate with a third party while the rest were custom-built for this specialized cart solution.

WordPress Development

Content is a breeze to update with a custom theme, developed to support the design and content needs of Brilliant Nutrition.

A Peek Inside the Design Process

Direct quote from email subject: Freaking Out

“It looks amazing! Thank you!”

-Lisa Barney, Brilliant Nutrition